07 juillet 2008

It's up to you

Ça fait environ 1 mois et demi que je lis Rules of play de Katie Salen et Eric Zimmerman. Ce livre disserte sur le game design et je commence le chapitre sur le jeu vidéo narratif... et j'ai pas pu m'empêcher de vouloir vous partager ce début de chapitre tiré d'un autre petit manuel.

Imagine you're in a one-man space shuttle traveling through the heavens at the speed of light. You and your tiny ship are totally engulfed in darkness, except for the luminance of an occasional passing star.

Suddenly, without warning, there's a brillant flash straight ahead. you check the radar screen. Nothing. Pretty soon there's another flash, and another. Next thing you know, the flashes have turned into one gigantic force field of some kind and it's dead ahead. You check the radar screen, still nothing.

The colors in this mysterious force field are so bright, they're almost blinding. And they seem to be in layers. But the strangest thing is that nothing shows up on the radar screen. What could that mean? Is it possible to travel through this mysterious force field of will you crash and be destroyed? And what about the layers? If you make it through one, can you make it through the next, and the next? It's decision time and there are only a few seconds to think about it. turn back or blast ahead and try to make it through the layers of this brightly colored force field. It's up to you.

Savez-vous d'où vient ce texte? Et bien c'est l'histoire derrière le jeu Atari Super Breakout, l'ancêtre de Arkanoid!Comique, non?

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